A Christmas Tree – Attachment to Money

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Awareness

Sometimes lessons come in groups and right now my sister, Raymond and I are getting lessons about dealing with frustration and attachment to money. My sister bought a Christmas tree with all the lights on it last year after Christmas at Lowes for $200.00. It was a white tree which she was so proud of and she spent the whole year off and on buying black and silver ornaments for that tree. Usually she is traveling during the holidays, but this year she was going spend the holiday at home so she was excited about the prospect of decorating her house and putting the new tree up.

A friend came to spend the weekend with her and their plans were to decorate the tree. They dig out the tree; figure out how to put it up, plug it in and the middle row of lights does not work. They worked and worked on it and finally figured out the lights must be faulty. My sis and her friend go back to Lowes to exchange the tree for a different one and of course they no longer carry that style and brand and would not refund her money without a receipt. Erg! At this point my sis is getting mad, (although she contained it fairly well, she didn’t punch anyone out). The people at Lowes were trying to help her any way they could, but their hands were tied without the receipt.

By the time I caught up with my sister she is mad, frustrated, and definitely not going to put up a tree or decorations. (She is the youngest, temper tantrum). From my perspective, how sad. Having lost a daughter Christmas has been irrevocable changed for me and here is what I have learned from it. I would give my heart if I could put up decorations for my daughter and her children. Life is precious and you only get one chance at it and that is in the moment. We make so many choices out of our anger and frustration that are just wrong and we have the opportunity to make the right choices.  I was sad about her tree, so I called my sis and told her I would put the lights up on her tree and she said come on over. By the time I got tho her house the tree was sitting in front of her window waiting for the lights.

My sis and I decorated the tree; it is white with black and silver ornaments which sparkle with crispness and glee. I left her house last night feeling grateful for her tree, it was as pretty as she thought it would be. Now I just have to find the energy to put a tree up at my house. Maybe I’ll call my granddaughter and ask her to help me put it up; I know that would be the right choice.