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At Golden Heart Hypnosis, we use Clinical Transpersonal Hypnosis approach. We offer hypnosis and consultation for spiritual well-being, insight, and self actualization. Our practice is an eclectic synthesis of hypnosis, spiritual counselling, clairvoyant insight, shamanic and sacred sound therapy. These modalities individually or collectively are designed to help you live your life to your highest potential. We do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment, nor address physical symptomology, however there may be some relationship to the work we focus on. There is building evidence which establishes the mind-body connection. Research showing the use of sound therapies beneficial to many forms of traditional healing modalities is consistent.

Identify the habit you want to change. Achieve physical, emotional and mental potential around the issue. Expand your perspectives and wisdom.

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CHI, CH, BFA, Reiki Master – Sharron Magyar is the author of the book My Golden Heart; Putting the Pieces Back Together Again & co-author of Writing is our Super Power

Sharron Magyar

Sharron Magyar has always been drawn to the concept of discovery. She originally interpreted that as a calling into the Arts. As an artist, she embraced  imagery and metaphorical language and how it connected to hypnosis. Her talent as an artist, author and hypnotherapist supports people reach their fullest potential.

Sharron combines hypnosis techniques, energy re-alignment, along with Reiki and professional coaching. With the focus on helping her clients access their personal power, clients create lasting change. Her specialty is in helping people to heal negative trauma and grief both in their current life and through their Ancestral line.

Sharron offers a mentoring program for gifted individuals no matter what level they are on.  She helps develop personal goals and clarity about what they want to work on, as well as assisting them to build a network and make new connections.

Sharron is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, as well as sought after lecturer, teacher and presenter. Her unique Soul Wounds Training and Grief programs designed for hypnotist and counselors are widely acclaimed. Services Include: In-person and remote hypnosis and coaching sessions, success seminars, webinars & workshops, Reiki sessions, spiritual groups, professional training programs, presentations and inspirational keynote addresses and mentorship.

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Chantelle Renee CH

 Chantelle is a child of the higher dimensions where wisdom and guidance flows abundantly. She is a catalyst of spiritual awakening and deep personal healing, bringing a unique blend of hypnosis and sound therapy together that work on all levels of your being (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically). Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, and deep emotional healing Chantelle helps people clear their vibrational frequencies and experience the higher evolution of themselves.  

Chantelle Renee is the author of the book Aligning With the Divine: Finding Your Power, Passion and Purpose Though Self Awareness and Love.

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Golden Heart Hypnosis is located at beautiful Leisure Lakes at 7502 Wesley Chapel Road, Chatham, Il 62629

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