About Hypnosis Certification

Our Mission

The mission of Golden Heart

Professional School of Hypnosis is to

provide ethical

and professional training with

an emphasis on an integrated

client-centered approach to

prepare students for

professional certification by

the National Guild

of Hypnotist or to add to existing

professional skills.

Hypnotherapy is one of 

the best methods available

today for assisting individuals

in improving thier lives.

Golden Heart Hypnosis can provide

you the tools and training you 

need as you begin preparing

for a career as a hypnotherapist.

This is your opportunity to 

gain the expertise that will

allow you to help others

achieve their best,


If you want to be a Cerfified Hypnotist, this course is for you. This comprehensive program is designed and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotist. At Golden Heart you will witness powerful demonstrations and experience your own personal transformation. We welcome and encourage challenging questions, new ideas and techniques.

Our emphasis is on the most important thing you bring to your client-yourself. We focus on helping you develop experience, creativity, intuition, dedication, compassion and love which in turn enables you to strongly influence the speed, ease and throgoughness of hypnosis with your clients.

You will receive a solid foundation in hypnosis through step-by-step techniques that cover practical and experiemantal methods. Upon completion, you will be ready to practice hypnosis with clients.


Fees vary from $100 to $500 per hour.


Students will be taught the National Guild of Hypnotist curriculum by certified instructor Sharron Magyar. Upon satisfactory completion of the 100 hurs of training and course requirements students will also become NGH certified.

Tuition also includes:

  • Manual (additional textbooks may be requires.)
  • Professional instruction.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • Hand-on experience
  • Hypnosis scripts
  • Intake, release and progress forms
  • How-to-of practice building.
  • Instructional clinical supervision.
  • Certification with certificate suitable for framing.
  • One year membership to National Guild of Hypnotist
  • Awareness techniques
  • Effective pre-talk.
  • First session with the client.
  • Behaviour assessment: Goal setting.
  • Image psychology & hypnosis.
  • Session two, three, and four with clients.
  • First inductions.
  • How to intensify hypnosis depth.
  • Formulation of effective suggestions.
  • Post hypnotic suggestions.
  • Designing & teaching a six-hour self-hypnosis course.
  • Age regression
  • Practicum
portrait image of Sharron Magyar

CHI, CH, BFA, Reiki Master – Sharron Magyar is the author of the book My Golden Heart; Putting the Pieces Back Together Again & co-author of Writing is our Super Power, and The Choas of Covid.

Sharron Magyar

Sharron has been a certified Instructor for the National guild of Hypnotist for 18 years. Her widely acclaimed teaching experience makes this certification program unique. At Golden Heart Hypnosis you will receive a solid foundation in hypnois through step-by-step techniques that cover practical and experienmental methods ranging from both modern and classical hypnosis.

For those who want to further their experience beyond the basics Sharron offers a mentoring program for gifted individuals no matter what level they are on.  She helps develop personal goals and clarity about goals, as well as assisting her students in building a network and make new connections.

Sharron is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, as well as sought after author, lecturer, teacher and presenter. Her unique Soul Wounds Training and Grief programs designed for hypnotist and counselors are widely acclaimed.

Our Office

Golden Heart Hypnosis is located at beautiful Leisure Lakes at 7502 Wesley Chapel Road, Chatham, Il 62629

Covid Support

by Sharron Magyar | July 25, 2020

We are committed to providing you with ongoing support to deal with the Covid crises. All sessions except sound therapy are offered through Zoom. If you are struggling with grief connected with the Covid experience please fill out the contact me form  and I will email you a grief release MP3 free of charge. 

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