Testimonial on Hypnosis at GHH


Smoking Cessation Testimonial

“My name is Sue and I stopped smoking with the help of Sharron Magyar.  I smoked for many, many years (30+) and really had never tried to quit before.  A friend at work bought me a hypnosis package and suggested that I call to make an appointment.  Because of my health, I took her up on her offer.

My experience with Sharron and hypnosis has been nothing short of positive.  She made me feel confident and not at all uneasy with the process.  I quit smoking after just one session.  I continued on for a few more just to help me with my own stresses of not smoking.

Sharron taught me relaxation techniques that I was able to use in the weeks ahead whenever I felt uneasy or stressed.  I can’t say how much of a miracle I feel the whole process was.

It has been three years this month that I have been a nonsmoker.  And I owe it all to Sharron.  This is my testimonial.”

Sue, Springfield


“I tried hypnosis for the first time with Sharron when I was 44 years old.  I was dealing with some deep emotional issues going back to my childhood and felt that I needed something more than traditional therapy, support groups, self-help books and religion.

I was always afraid of the idea of a stranger putting me ‘in a trance’.  Hypnosis is so much more than that.

Sharron talked with me for a long time about hypnosis and the nature of my struggles and understood as well as empathized with my concerns.  She gently and compassionately guided me through new ways of thinking and behaving, at a subconscious level.

Hypnosis is positive and loving and replaces old negative ways of thinking with love and hope.

Sharron knew what skills I needed, but was patient in helping me learn and apply them. She is a loving, caring and sensitive person and is interested in long-term relationships with people who come to her and she cares what happens to them.

I would recommend Sharron to anyone with deeply ingrained habits, addictions and ways of thinking.  She knows that hypnosis touches people at deeper and more profound levels than other mainstream forms of healing, so she is there for people even when things become frightening or challenging.

She is an ethical, committed and professional healer.”

Mary Francis, Springfield

Hypnosis combined with sound healing has empowered me to accomplish the goals I desire. I have finally learned a process at Golden Heart Hypnosis to overcome my fears and limitations.

Testimonial by Virginia Carlson

To Believe or Not Believe

When I came to the open house at Golden Heart Hypnosis Center last fall it wasn’t so much that I believed that Sharron could change my life by swinging a shiny pendant in front of my face and suggesting that I bark like a dog or jump around as if the floor was a bed of hot coals. It was actually just an excuse to get myself and my Mom out of the house. I was suffering from severe depression and extreme boredom, and was desperate to get the old “me” back again. I had been unemployed for a year. Although I hated feeling so unproductive and not having my own income, I was too insecure to even try to search out a new job. I suffered from chronic back pain that I had let control my life and was indulging in an array of self-destructive behaviors. During my visit with Sharron that night, I was impressed by her calm caring demeanor and her conviction that she could help me, whether I believed in hypnosis or not. The most astounding outcome of the monthly sessions was not that I came to believe at least a little in hypnosis, but that I began to believe in “myself”. I am now much happier, gradually adopting a healthier lifestyle, and employed in a full-time at a job I love!

Dawn Danner, Springfield


Golden Heart has been life changing for me. Hypnosis has been extremely helpful in many avenues for me. I can’t tell you how much Reiki treatment sessions have relieved the pain! Walking though the door of Golden Heart is hands down the best move I have made in a very long time. I did it for me!

Jeri Frances, Chatham 


I’ve done Soul Retrieval with Sharron & it is the most dynamic resource I’ve had. It gave me the greatest, enduring relief in my ongoing recovery from an auto accident 5 years ago. Even though I’ve benefited from it, I wouldn’t even try to use it with a client. That is why I will be in Sharron’s class; to learn what I have already done.

Edward Wunder

Case Studies

Regaining Self Control

Our focus with Deborah was to help promote wellness in her life and regain self-control. Deborah is a forty six year old successful businesswoman who smoked from the age of fifteen. At age forty-six, she was diagnosed with a long term long disease and knew she need to quit smoking.

During her initial interview, Deborah noted that she did not really want to quit smoking, liked to smoke, and that I would have my work cut out for me. Using powerful imagery techniques, Deborah was able to shift her thinking and quit smoking after her very first hypnotism session.

To support her new non-smoker status, we did several follow-up sessions focused on the development of healthier attitudes and behaviors as well as effective relaxation techniques.

Regaining Self Control

Mary is a fifty-year-old woman who sought self-control and management of situational stress as a result of her drinking habit.

After receiving a referral from her mental health counselor, I was able to work with Mary to regain a positive mental attitude as well as working on stress reduction techniques.

Currently, she has been alcohol-free for six months and is continuing to work on her self contol as well as setting appropriate goals in her life.

Improving Relationships

Jeff came to our office seeking to become interpersonally effecttive in his relationships. He constantly found himself seeking and sabotaging female relationships.

During his sessions, Jeff learned the self-confidence to help himself help himself enhance his personal skills in relating with women in a positive way. As his confidence grew he became more focused on his own development and growth.

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Covid Support

by Sharron Magyar | July 25, 2020

We are committed to providing you with ongoing support to deal with the Covid crises. All sessions except sound therapy are offered through Zoom. If you are struggling with grief connected with the Covid experience please fill out the contact me form  and I will email you a grief release MP3 free of charge. 

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