Past Life Regression



Past Life Regression

Encourages us to recognize what had transpired in our past lives that negatively influences our present lives, explain the purpose of these experiences and learn from them, discharge negative beliefs, mend and change our lives for the better. Soul wounds in our current lives often link back to our past lives. Our past lives, memories, encounters, emotions, and beliefs store on a subtle, biological level available to our subconscious mind. They can shape our present lives negatively without us knowing why things are the way they are and what we can do to transform it. Past Life Regression is a powerful process for dealing with emotional distress such as depression, apprehension, fears and phobias, health and relationship problems, old patterns and bad habit.

You can also set your intentions to access your past life, to explore giftedness you gained in you past life and bring it forward into your present life. You know how a child prodigy plays the piano at age two. They are accessing a past life giftedness.

How you experience past life regression is specific to each person’s orientation to processing hypnosis. You can experience deep or light hypnosis. There is no wrong way to process it. In all hypnosis you are aware and always have free will. You are in control of your experience may be full of imagery, or it can be vague impressions and a knowing.

These memories might hold understanding to physical or emotional problems or help you answer questions you have been seeking. Your feelings will communicate the truth of what you experience. Sometimes peoples try to take past life regression too literally, the subconscious mind always communicates in signs and symbols. Be ope to the messages and significant growth which comes from past life regression.

As hypnotists our role is to assist you to connect and integrate your experience.

    Past Life Regression is a perfect path for personal growth and healing. Past life regression can help you to:

    • Raise your energetic vibration to connect with your spiritual nature and take a more universal view of life.
    • Experience the transitional states of death and beyond.
    • Free yourself from the weight of the past
    • Prevent and heal stress-related illness and disease
    • Release limiting thoughts and behaviors
    • Relief from current mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and phobias
    • Lose the fear of death
    • Release repressed memories of trauma
    • Helps overcome limitations brought about by negative mental attitudes
    • Helps resolve issues like lack of spiritual direction, low energy levels, unexplained changes of behavior
    • Strengthen the body/mind connection

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