My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again by Sharron Magyar

My Golden Heart; Putting the Pieces Back Together Again is a story about one mother’s heartache of losing a child to drug addiction and her journey that challenged her very soul to survive. Sharron was determined to find a way out of the darkness that had descended upon her family. She delves into both the physical reality of her personal tragedy and the subconscious healing that brought about wholeness. This is one woman’s exciting and sometimes heart-breaking journey toward healing her soul wounds with hope. 

Sharron courageously shares exercises intended to help other survive the path of pain; take back their life, and begin their healing processes. Exercises contained within and indeed this book is written specifically to communicate to your subconscious




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If you are struggling in darkness, this is a great book to help you find the light. It can only take a small flame to get you out of the darkness. Sharron has been in that darkness before and through this she show how she was able to move from the darkness into the light and put the pieces back together. If you are struggling to understand someone els’s behavior and are having issues of your own give this book a shot. I love the title and believe that Sharron does have a golden heart.

JB Glossinger

Author of 5 books: The Sacred 6: The Simple Step by Step Process for Focusing Your Attention and Recovering Your Dreams

Must read for anyone who has suffered the impact of addiction, seual abuse, loss of a loved one, or any other type of Soul Loss. “My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again”, is primarily a book about a mother’s struggle to deal with her daughter’s drug addictions, the subsequent realization that her daughter had been the victim of traumatic sexual abuse as a young adolescent, and ultimately death of her daughtr’s as well as other traumatic events she experiences during this period in her life. The book is an easy read, with the incorporation of poety that gives it true depth and understanding for the reader. The book expands to other forms of Soul Loss, and brilliant simple exercises in helping one deal with a wide range of situations in whinc anyone can experience different types of Loss, and the different Soul Exercises one can do to overcome and get beyond Trauma of many forms. The book also illustrates many of the other people who were impacted by the life and death of her daughter. The Exercises in this book are not complicated and realistic for anyone to accomplish and practice. The book gives the reader a glimpse of how hypnosis, meditation, other healing methods, as well as the love of those around you (even when you are numb to that feeling) have the power to heal one’s heart, body and mind. I highly recommenbd this book for anyone who struggles with addictions and/or sexual abue. As well, family members who love, and have thier lives impacted by addiction, abuse, grif, depression, and any othe form of Soul Loss (which can happen with any type of traumatic event that results in a piece of one’s soul taken from them, even when the person may not understand what caused this loss.) I would love to see this aughor publish a companion to this book, and audio guide to the meditations and exercises in the book, and possibly a simple workbook for those suffering soul loss. I feel blessed that the author shares her gratitude journal; short but powerful lessons learned throughout the expereiences she has written about and shared with the world.


Powerful, emotional support with deep insights into the loss of a child and addictive struggles. Sharron tells the story ofher daughter’s fight to overcome addictions and her daughter’s untimate death with courage, faith and direct advice on how she survived this heart-wrenching horror that no parent should have to go through. Sharron writes with lyrical phrases and includes beautiful poetry composed during the dark times. She also gives sound suggesions to help others get to the other side of trying times, tracing the events backwards through her own story from her current perspective to give insights that only someone who has lost a chod could truly understand. Her journey involves many difficult events, but in the end, she is a survivor – this book celebrates the ability to come out on the other side of tragedy.

Ruth Souther

Author of 7 Books; Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Introspective Guide to Interpreting the Cards

It’s easy in life to get so caught up in your own little drama that your forget other peiple have challenges too. This book shares a story of challlenge after challenge . . . with each situation making the previous intense trauma seem small by comparison. The story moves the book along while Magyar skillfully weaves her learning and ideas for healing into the mix. I love the many different exercises she provides, meditations, visualizations, creative work . . . all geared at helping a person who is ready to make changes in thier life to heal the wounds that are holding them back. A gripping story that could change your life.

Debbie Pokornik