My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again

by | May 26, 2014 | Announcement

Book cover of My Golden Heart by Sharron Magyar

Date: May 24, 2014

Visionary Artist, Author, Hypnotherapist

Sharron Magyar

Sharron Magyar is a visionary artist and consulting hypnotherapist who helps people to identify soul wounds that have them stuck in life. Her art as well as her writing reach to the core of the self, as well as provide a path to wholeness for others. Currently she resides in Chatham, Illinois, is the owner of Golden Heart Hypnosis and director of Golden Heart School of Hypnosis.

Book: My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again

By Sharron Magyar


There are 46 million parents of children who are addicted to drugs or alcohol in the United States today. Much is written about addiction and how to recover from it, but little is written for parents to help them survive their child’s addiction. Addiction not only destroys the addicted but is a disease that has a profound negative effect on families and loved ones.

Sharron had a daughter who grew up to be addicted to drugs and eventually died of her addiction. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again is a mother’s story of the heartache of her daughter’s journey. Through the experience Sharron began asking questions. How do people get stuck in addiction or even get stuck in life? Often when we ask the question we have to experience the answer to find truth.

Weaving together gifts as a storyteller and healer, Sharron identifies five soul wounds that can keep you stuck in life. You will learn how to free yourself from soul wounds that limit your thoughts, emotions and energy by working with the stories and exercises in this book. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Together Again leads you to a deeper level of awareness of the power of the subconscious mind by helping you return to the authenticity you were born with.

Through the journey of the book you may discover the answers to healing are within.

Sharron can be reached at 217-483-7200 or or go to for more information.