outline of body in meditation pose with chakras in middle of the body

In our office we do hypnosis as you would traditionally know it. Weight loss, smoking cessation, change a habit, achieve a goal. We also offer an extraordinary type of hypnosis.


It does not matter what your religious orientation is, Divine energy of the cosmos runs through every fiber of your being. We use sound and hypnosis to connect you with your higher self. This enables you to gain a broader wisdom of who you are and why you have been put on earth. We help you connect with the unique expression of ALL THAT IS AND EVER HAS BEEN. Inspired by Divine mystery, we each set on our souls’ journey. Your evolution to leads you to your life’s passion and purpose.


The second type of hypnosis is to help you access personal power to heal soul wounds and grief. Freeing yourself from addictions such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, phone addiction and overeating may be part of your hypnosis journey. Soul wounds are a normal part of existence but become problematic when left unattended. This hypnosis experience supports you to  challenge your borrowed beliefs. You can discover the power of intention and thought in manifesting your action plans through hypnosis.


Raymond Brown offers a shamanic experience. He teaches you how to understand your human body’s energy system. Part of the shamanic journey is to practice energy awareness and learn to love yourself on a deeper level. He will help you to evolve your consciousness both individually and collectively. Raymond looks at the quantum electromagnetic spectrum to see what frequencies you are giving out and receiving. Once that is determined he fine tunes your personal energy while cleaning up energetic dis-harmony. He does this through energy balancing, attachment removal, soul retrieval and review of past life energies. As you clean up the disharmony within yourself you can align with the perfect harmonics of the universe.’

Hypnosis is focused awareness in which you can accept suggestions to to make the changes you desire and achieve your goals. Milton Erickson explains hypnosis best, “You use hypnosis not as a cure, but as a means of establishing a favorable climate into which to learn.”