Art by Sharron Magyar

Imagine a line running vertically from the top of your head to beneath your feet, midway through your body. This line aligns the superconscious, conscious, and subconscious, and unconscious. When a person becomes integrated, all these parts operate in synchronicity and harmony.

The superconscious is the divine self-connected with God, Archangels, ascended masters, and our spirit guides. The super conscious is the all-knowing, I am part of you and is a place of omens.

Next is the conscious mind. It is the analytical mind challenged by concepts of good/bad, godly/evil, personality development, commitments, and decisions. Choices and beliefs that we adopt and make are ego driven process of the conscious mind.

Third down the line is a subconscious where habits hang out, survival beliefs live, and soul wounds live. It has a powerful will and dominates over the conscious. It has the privilege of protecting your body and will do it at all costs, even if it seems contrary to the mind body and spiritual alignment.

Last is the unconscious deepest level of alignment. Your unconscious is autonomous. It operates like a core processor in your computer that coordinates your body functions. The energy of this level bounds all cells, organs, and core movement. The deepest ancestral beliefs and soul wounds live in our past, in our unconscious. The unconscious is also where the fight-or-flight response lives. When you engage in hypnosis you access either the superconscious, subconscious, or unconscious aspects of yourself. Change can be made on these levels to bring wholeness into your life.

In the process of individuation, you learn to listen to your body with sensitivity, release and let go that which does not support alignment of your super conscious, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. When you bring the four parts together, you can manifest things, recognize, and accept gifts of the universe, and radiate a magnetic energy into the world to attract people and opportunity into your life.