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Soul Wounds to the Inner Child
May 16, 2012 1:39 PM | Tagged as golden heart hypnosis, Golden heart hypnosis Center, mortal wounds, Soul Loss


What is a soul wound? A soul wound is a physical, mental and/or spiritual wound caused by a trauma which becomes buried in the subconscious mind and depletes a person of their life force energy.

What I want to share with you is what you need to know about your subconscious mind and soul wounds to your inner child. A happy child which has grown-up loved and well nourished and will carry few soul wounds. They can have some that come to them out of misinterpretation or misunderstandings or perhaps something they’re worrying about or something they witness.

Soul wounds become embedded in the subconscious mind and body, and whatever the age is that the wounded happened there is a collection of negative energy and emotions which are stored in the subconscious mind.

A child will do one or two things when wounded. Energetically he will step out of his body out of fear and that part of the child can choose not to return, resulting in energy loss for the child. Energy loss results in poor memory, stress, poor coordination, heightened emotional sensitivity, inability to focus and concentrate. The child is literally operating on less than 100% energy functioning, and he is trying to learn and grow. This diverted energy causes deficits in growing and learning.

In extreme cases of abuse soul wounds to a child can create distinct personalities that will absorb the trauma. Specific stressors can cause the one or more specific personalities to come forth and take control in triggering situations. We all have specific personalities within ourselves, I have the artist personality, I have the writer personality, I have a "Stone" personality who can be tight with her money at the stupidest of times and each of those personalities come forth depending on what activity I'm engaged in. A personality created in response to a soul wound has great intensity and feeling. The mind is a beautiful thing and will protect us at all costs.

So to recap; when the child suffers from soul wounds they can energetically step out of their bodies and that energy can choose not to return out of fear, shame or anger, resulting in perpetual energy loss for the child. At some point the individual must re- visit the triggering event to the soul wound to retrieve those lost energies and cycle the event through to healing. The created injured child is locked in time, and as a child grows into adulthood, the injured child will appear when it is afraid, shamed or angry and act just as it did in that time in their life!

Adults who grow up carrying an inner child with soul wounds can have dysfunctional beliefs and actions that have great power over an adult’s life. The adult should carefully cultivates a relationship with the inner child (or children) to address their fears, shame and/or anger in some manner.

Ways to heal the inner child is to do a soul retrieval or soul healing in an "out of time state". Why out of time state? Remember the subconscious mind doesn’t evaluate what it experiences as real or unreal but will adapt and accept according to what it experiences through the use of signs and symbols.

Avenues for healing are sound therapy, hypnosis, massage, prayer, yoga, as well as counseling through a psychologist.

As a consulting hypnotist we refer anyone with a mental diagnosis or who we suspect needs a mental diagnosis to the health care practitioner. We do not diagnose or treat mental illness.



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