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May 26, 2014 8:38 PM | Tagged as addiction, Grief, hypnosis, sex abuse, Soul Loss, soul wounds

Date: May 24, 2014

Visionary Artist, Author, Hypnotherapist

Sharron Magyar

Sharron Magyar is a visionary artist and consulting hypnotherapist who helps people to identify soul wounds that have them stuck in life. Her art as well as her writing reach to the core of the self, as well as provide a path to wholeness for others. Currently she resides in Chatham, Illinois, is the owner of Golden Heart Hypnosis and director of Golden Heart School of Hypnosis.

Book: My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again

By Sharron Magyar


There are 46 million parents of children who are addicted to drugs or alcohol in the United States today. Much is written about addiction and how to recover from it, but little is written for parents to help them survive their child’s addiction. Addiction not only destroys the addicted but is a disease that has a profound negative effect on families and loved ones.

Sharron had a daughter who grew up to be addicted to drugs and eventually died of her addiction. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again is a mother’s story of the heartache of her daughter’s journey. Through the experience Sharron began asking questions. How do people get stuck in addiction or even get stuck in life? Often when we ask the question we have to experience the answer to find truth.

Weaving together gifts as a storyteller and healer, Sharron identifies five soul wounds that can keep you stuck in life. You will learn how to free yourself from soul wounds that limit your thoughts, emotions and energy by working with the stories and exercises in this book. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Together Again leads you to a deeper level of awareness of the power of the subconscious mind by helping you return to the authenticity you were born with.
Through the journey of the book you may discover the answers to healing are within.

Sharron can be reached at 217-483-7200 or or go to for more information.

Her book can be purchased at Amazon Books:



Soul Wounds to the Inner Child
May 16, 2012 1:39 PM | Tagged as golden heart hypnosis, Golden heart hypnosis Center, mortal wounds, Soul Loss


What is a soul wound? A soul wound is a physical, mental and/or spiritual wound caused by a trauma which becomes buried in the subconscious mind and depletes a person of their life force energy.

What I want to share with you is what you need to know about your subconscious mind and soul wounds to your inner child. A happy child which has grown-up loved and well nourished and will carry few soul wounds. They can have some that come to them out of misinterpretation or misunderstandings or perhaps something they’re worrying about or something they witness.

Soul wounds become embedded in the subconscious mind and body, and whatever the age is that the wounded happened there is a collection of negative energy and emotions which are stored in the subconscious mind.

A child will do one or two things when wounded. Energetically he will step out of his body out of fear and that part of the child can choose not to return, resulting in energy loss for the child. Energy loss results in poor memory, stress, poor coordination, heightened emotional sensitivity, inability to focus and concentrate. The child is literally operating on less than 100% energy functioning, and he is trying to learn and grow. This diverted energy causes deficits in growing and learning.

In extreme cases of abuse soul wounds to a child can create distinct personalities that will absorb the trauma. Specific stressors can cause the one or more specific personalities to come forth and take control in triggering situations. We all have specific personalities within ourselves, I have the artist personality, I have the writer personality, I have a "Stone" personality who can be tight with her money at the stupidest of times and each of those personalities come forth depending on what activity I'm engaged in. A personality created in response to a soul wound has great intensity and feeling. The mind is a beautiful thing and will protect us at all costs.

So to recap; when the child suffers from soul wounds they can energetically step out of their bodies and that energy can choose not to return out of fear, shame or anger, resulting in perpetual energy loss for the child. At some point the individual must re- visit the triggering event to the soul wound to retrieve those lost energies and cycle the event through to healing. The created injured child is locked in time, and as a child grows into adulthood, the injured child will appear when it is afraid, shamed or angry and act just as it did in that time in their life!

Adults who grow up carrying an inner child with soul wounds can have dysfunctional beliefs and actions that have great power over an adult’s life. The adult should carefully cultivates a relationship with the inner child (or children) to address their fears, shame and/or anger in some manner.

Ways to heal the inner child is to do a soul retrieval or soul healing in an "out of time state". Why out of time state? Remember the subconscious mind doesn’t evaluate what it experiences as real or unreal but will adapt and accept according to what it experiences through the use of signs and symbols.

Avenues for healing are sound therapy, hypnosis, massage, prayer, yoga, as well as counseling through a psychologist.

As a consulting hypnotist we refer anyone with a mental diagnosis or who we suspect needs a mental diagnosis to the health care practitioner. We do not diagnose or treat mental illness.



Inherited Soul Loss
May 8, 2012 11:50 PM | Tagged as golden heart hypnosis, Golden heart hypnosis Center, hypnosis, Hypnosis Illinois, Hypnotherapy, hypnotist, Soul Loss, Worry


A child can be born into a life situation with their parents that is traumatic. Sometimes in the case of healing the inner child you are trying to heal things that do not originate with you but your parents. Parents can be emotionally impoverished because their needs were not met as infants, children or adults. (Miller 1983) states that children and infants can be used in unhealthy inappriate ways to meet the parents needs. A child can also empathically pick up a parents feeling tone and build their personality upon the parents emotions.

An example of this would be if a parent had a child that died and then had a second child and that child was born before the parent had proper time to grieve, the second child would have the task of building their personality on the feeling tone of grief.

Your inner child works on an emotional level and when the child is experiencing extreme guilt, shame or fear these emotions often become locked in the body and subconscious mind in "out of time" reality. Because the hurt and trauma is embedded in an "out of time reality," healing can be less traumatic and stressful in an "out of time" reality such as hypnosis, breath work, or meditation. Remember again the subconscious mind doesn’t evaluate if something is real or unreal so when you visualize feelings or events through hypnosis you integrate the experience as real. When the inner child steps up you cannot reason with it but must acknowledge its anger and fears so your inner child can cycle through to release them. Working with your inner child is rewarding because not only can you heal yourself, you can often stop the generational patterns that repeat themselves.

Sometimes a child can have a toxic parent who shames or ridicules the child. This child hides in shame out of fear of humiliation or ridicule. What is difficult is a toxic parent may appear to be a loving parent. Often they are needy children themselves and expect the child to meet their needs. Healing the inner child is a process and you have to be willing to do the work. The first step to healing is to recognize what your inner child’s needs are and bring your anger and fear into awareness so you can complete the cycle of releasing stuck emotions.



Posted By Sharron Magyar
April 1, 2012 12:04 PM | Tagged as Forgiveness, goldenheart hypnosis center, Grief, hypnosis, Hypnosis Illinois, hypnotism, hypnotist, Sharron Magyar, Soul Loss



"The pain passes, but the beauty remains".

--Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919


I cannot tell you the shock of one day your child is living and the next she is dead. Never mind the circumstances. First there is mindboggling numbness. I could not feel anything except denial. . . It can’t be true that my daughter is dead; I am in a living nightmare. Mind altering numbness, I couldn’t think, take care if my body, interact reasonably with anyone. Worst of all was all of the inane comments people make to you out of their own pain and discomfort! I have not lost my mind so why would you say such stupid things to me like, "She’s in a better place," or "I understand how you feel." Like hell you understand how I feel! All of my energy was sucked out of my body and it took Herculean effort just to walk from one room to another.

Then my mind, body and emotions begin to awaken and all there was was pain. I cried and cried and cried until there are no more tears to cry.

Washington Irving said this about crying: "There is sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love."

I did not feel powerful, I wanted to die! Most of the tears were silent and alone because I was ashamed to let anyone see me so vulnerable, but not always. One day it was a beautiful day and I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and as I was sitting there eating my sandwich a memory of Tammy snuck up on me and I started to cry then and there out of the blue. I felt my face fill with shame because I couldn’t control the tears. To make matters worse a good friend from out of town was there and when he saw me he came over to comfort me. Again I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I put him in the position to "feel" for me. I could give myself permission to deal with my feeling but it was so hard to deal with other’s feelings about the situation too.

I could not focus on anything for any length at a time, I forgot appointments, lethargy settled upon me. I had hardly enough energy to get dressed, cook a meal let alone think clearly about anything. I forgot to pay bills. When I think of that time period I do not remember most of it. Spiritually I was checked out of my body. I wanted to be mad at God, but a part of me knew that he knew what was best and Tammy’s suffering was over, but it didn’t make the pain go away. Maybe I could take drugs or drink, but I really knew that wasn’t for me. I began to realize I had to surrender to my grief and understood there was no shortcut through this despair. Some days I thought I was going crazy as I would be fine one moment and on my knees the next. The unpredictability of grief was driving me nuts! I expected the emotional component but the physical devastation it took on me left me uncentered and debilitated.

My heart was broken and I didn’t know how to put it back together again. I just prayed my life would not be stuck in this grief and God would find a way to get me through it.

 Finally I get out from under the shock enough to begin to realize I needed a way to express my grief and I began to write and write and write. I told Tammy’s story and my journey with her through her life and I could begin to see the light in the world. I was gentle and patient with myself. If I needed to sleep, I slept. If I didn’t feel like being social, I wasn’t social. No apologies, I simply had to do what I had to do to survive. I made an effort to eat right and exercise as much as I was able to and I was unbelievable selfish, all I could manage was focusing on my needs and me. All I could do was give myself permission to experience the pain and not allow myself to fall into the "what if" trap. I allowed myself to be surrounded by loved ones when I could; it was ok that it was not always. All I could do was cling to hope. I will get better. There will come a time when I will find some degree of joy in life again. I know my life has been changed forever, and I can never fill the void left by my daughter’s death, but I pray I will learn to live with it in a meaningful way.

I had no choice but to trust the grief process and cling to the hope I would survive and that God had plans for my life. It was hard to see those plans out of the darkness. Just when I thought things were getting better a deep depression descended upon me.

I could not remember anything; my thoughts were doom and gloom. I could not see anything positive about life. There was one part me observing. . . so this is what depression is like, another part experiencing. I went to the Dr.; he put me on an antidepressant. I hated it and my body said no way! I was in a dark hole and couldn’t climb out by myself. I guess I just have to hold onto the faith that I will work through the depression. I pray and pray each day for God to lift the depression and finally he does.

I am changed, a transformation has happened. I still have moments when grief springs up unexpectedly but they are fewer and fewer. I remember the good times with my daughter with happiness and I let go of the sorrows she brought into my life. I am free from the pain of seeing my daughter suffer from addiction and being helpless to prevent it. My daughter is in a better place, free from the pain of her life on earth, her life of struggle with addiction; her learning of forgiveness was meaningful. I have empathy and understanding of what it is like to be in a dark place and feel you cannot get out and now I can recognize grief in others whether it is grieving the loss of a person or grieving the loss of something in a person’s life. I thank God for that blessing in all of this and I wear my newfound wisdom with humility.


Posted By Sharron Magyar
I Forgive My Past Experiences
February 19, 2012 12:05 PM | Tagged as Forgiveness, Golden heart hypnosis Center, hypnosis, Hypnosis Illinois, Soul Loss



The ego is a two-sided coin. It helps to protect us, maintain appropriate boundaries and assists us in growing, learning and functioning in daily life. The other side of the coin is the ego can become stuck in the victim mentality. Sometimes bad things do happen to you and you become frozen in your reaction to those bad things. The Ego is continually trying to make you look good and feel good. Staying the victim will let you off the hook by allowing you to believe that your circumstance is everyone else's fault. Questions you could be asking yourself are "Why does this always have to happen to me?"Do you believe in fate or do you think you're in control of your life? Do you think you're responsible for what happens to you?


The victim feels that he or she's been treated unfairly and they can never see a way out. They literally believe they're trapped and sometimes believe that he or she deserves to be punished. Victims are into trauma and drama while creating stress and pain for themselves. It makes them feel important when they can convince themselves they have huge problems, the ego likes that.


We all have moments when we think life hasn’t treated us fairly. We all have times when we may be angry and blame others for our misfortune. Sometimes life’s events may make us feel we even need to be punished and deserve to be a victim, but it becomes a problem when we become STUCK in these feelings. At the root of victimhood is a refusal to forgive.


How do you move out of victimhood? Set your intentions:


1. to forgive those who have wronged you

2. to be impeccable with your word

3. to not to take anything personally



It is easy to say the words I forgive you, but another thing to feel it in your heart. If you are willing to forgive, the how will be taken care of.


You have to practice discipline and awareness to put impeccability of your word into action. Words have energy and that that energy can create or destroy, being mindful of your words will help you to remember that you have a responsibility for the affect you're having on other people as well yourself. One fear of doubt planted in our minds can create a steady stream of drama. Be impeccable with your word also means that you take responsibility for your actions without blaming or judging yourself or others. Being impeccable with your word means you to avoid gossip, the ultimate negativity in word energy.


Taking things personally is connected to your Ego’s need to feel important. Whatever you think and feel is your problem, it's not what someone says it hurts you; it is that what they said touches your personal wounds. No person, place, or thing has power over us. To step out of victimhood you have to be willing to change and express yourself in positive ways. Consistency in using positive energy words you say to others and about yourself will help you step out of victimhood easily and quickly. Realizing that what others say and do is about them not you, can help you to disconnect from responding to them in anger and frustration. You have the freedom to make choices to love yourself and others. That increases your energetic power indeed!


Posted By Love & Light, Sharron Magyar
Tribal Soul Loss
January 22, 2012 10:34 PM | Tagged as hypnosis, Hypnosis Illinois, Hypnotherapy, hypnotism, hypnotist, Sharron Magyar, Soul Loss

As individuals we begin our journey into the world connected to a tribe where we learn from a collective will-power by absorbing strengths and weaknesses of that tribe. An example of tribal strength and weakness is the survival of wolves, elephants, and monkeys. The young animals are protected and nourished, trained by the tribe until they learn all the rules and are strong enough to be one of the elders of the tribe. If there's a breakdown in the tribe it is a serious threat to the whole community, especially the young of the community. A younger Wolf will learn hunting individually and collectively from the older generation, that is critical for its survival. It is through interactions with groups and family that we learn strengths and weaknesses which will affect our personal energy field. I believe today in the United States we are suffering from community (tribal) breakdown which results in little honor, loyalty, justice or spiritual foundation for our children.

As our children absorb all the tribal strengths and weaknesses they will build an energetic foundation for their life either in fear and weakness or strength and positive beliefs. Our country is experiencing a breakdown the tribal support system which is energetically poisoning our children which causes children to adopt abandonment/instability as their coping response. The end result is they are having difficulty making commitment to remain in relationships and often reject social bonding to avoid intimate relationships.

Another manifestation of the breakdown of the tribal community and energy is the current bullying in which a child is excluded from group and its positive energy. The end result is children with exaggerated sense of entitlement and grandiosity which breaks away from moral and ethical code of honor.

Tribes can choose experiences collectively such as 911 or the flood of New Orleans. In this case the tribe will respond collectively with courage and valor or literally experience soul loss in which they become negatively energetically impacted through that experience. People often refer to those experiences as "The day that changed my life".  As a hypnotist we can help those people by assisting them to energetically retrieve the lost part of themselves to regain power in their life, as well as retrieve a positive life outlook.

 Another manifestation. The end result is children with exaggerated sense Another manifestation of the breakdown of the tribal community and energy is the current bullying in which a child is excluded from group and its positive energy


Posted By Love & Light, Sharron Magyar
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