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Tribal Soul Loss
January 22, 2012 10:34 PM | Tagged as hypnosis, Hypnosis Illinois, Hypnotherapy, hypnotism, hypnotist, Sharron Magyar, Soul Loss

As individuals we begin our journey into the world connected to a tribe where we learn from a collective will-power by absorbing strengths and weaknesses of that tribe. An example of tribal strength and weakness is the survival of wolves, elephants, and monkeys. The young animals are protected and nourished, trained by the tribe until they learn all the rules and are strong enough to be one of the elders of the tribe. If there's a breakdown in the tribe it is a serious threat to the whole community, especially the young of the community. A younger Wolf will learn hunting individually and collectively from the older generation, that is critical for its survival. It is through interactions with groups and family that we learn strengths and weaknesses which will affect our personal energy field. I believe today in the United States we are suffering from community (tribal) breakdown which results in little honor, loyalty, justice or spiritual foundation for our children.

As our children absorb all the tribal strengths and weaknesses they will build an energetic foundation for their life either in fear and weakness or strength and positive beliefs. Our country is experiencing a breakdown the tribal support system which is energetically poisoning our children which causes children to adopt abandonment/instability as their coping response. The end result is they are having difficulty making commitment to remain in relationships and often reject social bonding to avoid intimate relationships.

Another manifestation of the breakdown of the tribal community and energy is the current bullying in which a child is excluded from group and its positive energy. The end result is children with exaggerated sense of entitlement and grandiosity which breaks away from moral and ethical code of honor.

Tribes can choose experiences collectively such as 911 or the flood of New Orleans. In this case the tribe will respond collectively with courage and valor or literally experience soul loss in which they become negatively energetically impacted through that experience. People often refer to those experiences as "The day that changed my life".  As a hypnotist we can help those people by assisting them to energetically retrieve the lost part of themselves to regain power in their life, as well as retrieve a positive life outlook.

 Another manifestation. The end result is children with exaggerated sense Another manifestation of the breakdown of the tribal community and energy is the current bullying in which a child is excluded from group and its positive energy


Posted By Love & Light, Sharron Magyar
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