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Regaining Self Control
Improving Relationships

Regaining Self Control

Our focus with Deborah was to help promote wellness in her life and regain self-control. Deborah is a forty six year old successful businesswoman who smoked from the age of fifteen. At age forty-six, she was diagnosed with a long term long disease and knew she need to quit smoking.

During her initial interview, Deborah noted that she did not really want to quit smoking, liked to smoke, and that I would have my work cut out for me. Using powerful imagery techniques, Deborah was able to shift her thinking and quit smoking after her very first hypnotism session.

To support her new non-smoker status, we did several follow-up sessions focused on the development of healthier attitudes and behaviors as well as effective relaxation techniques.

Regaining Self-Control

Mary is a fifty-year-old woman who sought self-control and management of situational stress as a result of her drinking habit.

After receiving a referral from her mental health counselor, I was able to work with Mary to regain a positive mental attitude as well as working on stress reduction techniques.

Currently, she has been alcohol-free for six months and is continuing to work on her self contol as well as setting appropriate goals in her life.

Improving Relationships 

Jeff came to our office seeking to become interpersonally effecttive in his relationships. He constantly found himself seeking and sabotaging female relationships.

During his sessions, Jeff learned the self-confidence to help himself help himself enhance his personal skills in relating with women in a positive way. As his confidence grew he became more focused on his own development and growth.

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