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Golf Hypnosis

Golf Hypnosis is For Anyone at Any Level Who is Serious About Improving Their Golf Game 

Four Foundation Blocks of Golf Hypnosis

Stance - teaches visualization of a strategy that assists the golfer in dealing with many personal and team glitches that arise during the course of golfing.

  • Develops proper attitude toward performance
  • Cultivates positive expectations and self-control
  • Promotes a positive mental attitude to manage situational stress

Skill Building

  • Focuses on proper training with goal setting
  • Promotes wellness
  • Enhances self confidence
  • Enhances personal skills

Resource Retrieval

  • Athlete is assisted in accessing past resources


  • Athlete is taught trigger symbols for self-hypnosis to be utilized at will and at desired length

Most athletes know what it feels like to be "in the zone." This is a state characterized by a feeling of slow motion, invincibility, incredible confidence, and a personal and experiential feeling of control. It is a state that is present when athletes perform their best.

When a self-hypnotic state is successfully induced, it results in a state of mind similar to, if not identical to being "in the zone. " Techniques are taught to an athlete to enable him to go into trance while his eyes are open, while talking, while walking and running. When a hypnotic state is triggered the golfer goes into the state only as deep and long as optimal. For example the night before a game the golfer may wish a deep level of trance. On the other hand, while planning his game strategy he might want a lighter level of trance. The athlete can do whatever needed once "in the zone."

As humans, we are hard-wired for healing Our bodies and minds  seek peace. Hypnosis is a means of bringing about permanent change. My goal at Golden Heart is to ensure that every client experiences and achieves change in a way that is personally meaningful. Sharron Magyar
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